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May 15, 2024

Version 1.5


Core UI release🎉


Core Animator rework🎉

New dashboard look

Improve: Possibility to disable Parallax element at the builder and at touch devices

Improve: Mini drag now toggles Drawer

Improve: Drawer content now can't receive selection states

Improve: Reworked Random letters scale effect

Improve: Added prefix and sufix at Fluid Gradient Title

Improve: Glowing card hsl controls

Improve: Possibility to have more than one Observer per page

Fix: Use of Bricks custom functions at Plesk

Fix: Glowing card at touch devices loaded outside the viewport

April 12, 2024

Version 1.4.2

New Media element

New Scroll Cascading element

New Typed element

New Unfold Hover element

New Possibility to apply background and backdrop styles at Sticky Header when a given offset value is reached

New Always type at Glitchy to glitch elements by intervals and not only by triggers

Improve: Lenisjs integration at Smooth Scroll now supports smooth scroll behaviour for anchors

Improve: Disable Smooth Scroll option at touch devices

Improve: Included Strokes and Fills changes at Dark Mode element

Improve: An Element's CSS is only loaded when that Element exists at the front instead of loading a global CSS file

Improve: Custom tags at all text elements

Improve: Performance and page speed

Improve: Alpha channel support at Dark Mode element

March 25, 2024

Version 1.4.1

New Scroll Gradient element

New Infinite Title element

New MouseFill Title element

New Fluid Gradient Title element

New Split Button element

New Gradiently element

New Glowing Card element

New Spinner element

New Possibility to use either Lenis or GSAP ScrollSmoother at Smooth Scroll element

New All GSAP Easing controls can now be chosen within a select control instead of a text input

New Blur edges control at Marquee

New Display Dropdown at builder control at Stripe megaMenu element for a more comfortable editing

New Disable animation at builder control to pause the animation/reveal at elements for a better performance at the builder

New Apply parallax at any element from Smooth Scroll element (GSAP ScrollSmoother type)

New Possibility to add links to hotspots and enable/disable Tooltip at Image Hotspots

New Active color control at Morphing Nav element

New Scroll Reading split type control by lines, words and chars

New Skip class control at Stripe megaMenu to have Nav Items without dropdowns

New Sticky Header control to show header when going up

New Intensity and speed controls at Cursor's Magnetic and Repel states

New Two new controls at Mask Button element to edit mask's blend mode and background

New Scroll Reading end control to achieve custom word cuts

New Possibility to attach Circular Title animation to the scroll

Improve: Added toggleActions control at Reveals

Improve: Anchors at title elements for a better compatibility with CSS Frameworks

Improve: Import media from WordPress media library at Cursor's media state

Improve: Aria-label at Core Burger

Fix: Expander on Hover type now takes the content area

Fix: Swap Hover letter splitting focus at touch devices

February 17, 2024

Version 1.4.0


Library release🎉

New Multi OffCanvas Menu element

New Drawer element

New Codepen element

New Counters element

New Observer element

New Custom text to copy option at Click & Copy instead of only an element text

New Distance control at Blade Reveal and Underline Hover

Improve: Added GSAP Commercial license

Improve: Added toggleActions control at Reveals

Improve: Replaced SplitType library with SplitText from GSAP

Improve: Click & Copy is now nestable

Improve: Toggle all switch at Brickscore´s dashboard

Fix: Having more than one Image Reveal leaded to a choppy animation at the builder

Fix: SplitText problem with custom fonts at Bricks Builder since latest version

Fix: Core Animator CDNs loaded from web server instead from Cloudflare

Fix: Core Animator required a tippy element to be enabled

Fix: High loadings leaded to Stripe megaMenu be hidden at the builder

Fix: Bubbles display at Safari

Fix: Twist Reveal and Blade Reveal now work with span tag

Fix: Accesibility bug with Mobile Nav Item at Stripe megaMenu´s

January 22, 2024

Version 1.3.6

New Mask Hover element

New Bubbles element

New Expanding Menu element

New Simple Menu element

New Flipbox element

New Motion Divider element

New Exchange Title element

New Trigger control at Menus

You can now add Multiple Core Burguers anywhere to trigger the Menu. In addition, a new control was added to set custom elements as triggers.

New Added Gradient support to Titles

Improve: Accesibility at Stripe megaMenu

Improve: Added Dynamic Data to elements that are based on images

Improve: Video Sequence dimensions can now be either full viewport or custom

Improve: Possibility of customizing overflow at OffCanvas Menu

Improve: Trigger reveal at Menus

All Reveals and their delays inside a Menu are played on start and on reverse when the Menu is triggered

Fix: Blade Reveal creates the blade at line breaks

Fix: Dark Mode now affects Site´s background

Fix: Covered the issue for blank installations with Bricks Builder 1.9.5 version

Fix: Links for Nav Items at Stripe megaMenu

Added the possibility of adding links to Nav Items alongside having dropdowns at Stripe megaMenu

January 5, 2024

Version 1.3.5

New Spotlight element

New Unfold Reveal element

New Decode Reveal element

New Decode Hover element

New Blended Hover element

New Neumorphic Button element

New 3D Swap Hover element

New Anyside Button & Ripple button new durations

Animations were separated between In & Out transitions with individual duration controls.

New Distance between arrows control at Arrow Button

New Before/After image element: More Arrow icons, Distance between arrows control, Custom arrow dimensions control and Filter controls for images

New Border control at Glowing Button

New Type control at Prism Button for top or bottom type effects

New Added a morphing effect at Stripe megaMenu

New Padding, Background, Border and Shadow controls for Stripe megaMenu dropdowns

Improve: Title names were renamed to Reveal and Hover depending on the trigger

Improve: Overflow control at OffCanvas Menu

Fix: Scale and Border states now affects Media State

Image and Videos at the Cursor can now receive border and scale properties declared at the border and scale states.

Fix: Cursor´s default color can now be transparent

Before it was possible to achieve this using the Color State. Now, by using RGBa alpha channel at the default color control is also possible to achieve a default transparent color.

Fix: Prism button blurry text

December 23, 2023

Version 1.3.4

New Stripe megaMenu element

New Video Sequence element

New Core Tabs element

New Image Hotspots element

New Generatorism element

New Mask Button element

New Prism Button element

New Admin dashboard new UI

New Cursor Blur, Repel and zIndex states

New Cursor Active and zIndex default controls

New Anyside Button on click

Added a new trigger control to Anyside Button. Hover (old) and Click (new)

New Skew control for Swap Title and Blade Title

New Custom Swap Title at Arrow Button

Added an optional Swap Title with line type control and the possibility to customize its content for Arrow Button.

New Custom Swap Title content

Added the possibility to customize Swap Title content for line type.

New Swap Title from top

New Arrow icons set for Arrow Button

New Morphing nav on click

New Width control for Underline Title

New Body scrolling control for Core Burguer

New control at Core Burguer to prevent body scrolling when its Menu is active.

Improve: Libraries at Admin dashboard indicate the elements that require them

Improve: Grainy was converted to a nestable element

Improve: Cursor borderRadius state converted to a whole Border state

Improve: Back to Top strokes adjustments and added more icons

Improve: Custom underline color control at Underline Title

Improve: Core Animator save state for successful savings

Fix: Core Animator resizable height

This was added to be able to use Core Animator at smaller devices with much more ease and comfortability.

Fix: Core Animator loading performance

Heavy sites with slow loadings occasionated Core Animator to doesn´t load properly. This is now fixed.

Fix: A timeline removal now updates the global timer at Core Animator

Fix: Core Animator timelines overflow

November 23, 2023

Version 1.3.3

New Core Animator feature

New Core Burguer element

New OffCanvas Menu element

New Overlay Menu element

New Sticky Header element

New Morphing Nav element

New Marquee pause & reverse by default

New Marquee pause on hover

New Marquee rotation

Added a new control to create stunning rotated marquees at any degree.

Improve: Marquee optional scroller

Added the possibility to don´t include a scroll effect at the marquee.

Fix: Dark Mode switch

There was a bug when switching inmediately between themes.

Fix: Cursor default´s scale

October 10, 2023

Version 1.3.2

New Support to CSS Frameworks

Added support to popular CSS Frameworks like AutomaticCSS and CoreFramework.

Improve: Accesibility standards to Expander element

Expander element lacked of accesibility. You can now navigate between expanders and their content using the keyboard.

Fix: Cursor Media states affecting Border-radius

Image, Video and Text states were affecting Border-radius Skew, producing a weird rotation.

Fix: Cursor Backdrop state af Safari

Safari doesn´t detect CSS backdrop property. Added it using webkit.

Fix: Glowing button border-radius at Safari

Fix: Ripple button line-break at Firefox and Safari

Fix: Ripple button blank space at Firefox and Safari

Fix: WPRocket blank canvas

October 5, 2023

Version 1.3.1

Improve: Use of BEM methodology

All CSS classes were renamed following BEM for a more comfortable analyzing and maintenance.

Improve: GSAP Scrolltrigger controls

For those elements that require Scrolltrigger functionalities, their Scrolltrigger section was better declared with new controls.

Improve: White-space control for Buttons

Added a white-space control to buttons in order to manage their line breaks, specially for small devices.

Improve: CDNs replacement with local files

Our third-party libraries were served from cdnjs, unpkg and jsdeliver platforms. These were replaced with local files to deal with possible connection problems.

Improve: Global cache version

All Brickscore files now can be easly track with a unique global version.

Fix: Cursor custom color exclusion

There was a bug that always set cursor color as white when applying exclusion state. Now color state determines the cursor´s color at its exclusion state.

Fix: Dark Mode at Firefox

Background´s color switch couldn´t be tracked by Firefox. It is now fix.

Fix: Wordpress theme bug

Fixed the critical error thrown when switching to a theme that wasn´t Bricks parent or child themes and Brickscore was kept activated.

Fix: Swap Title blur at Chrome

September 21, 2023

Version 1.3.0

New Core Slider element

Brickscore´s nestable slider based on a complete Splidejs integration made simple and intuitive. It also includes Autoplay and Autoscroll extensions.

New Parallax Hover element

New Core element (and nestable) that wraps all its content to make a beautiful parallax rotating hover.

New Expanders element

New Core element (and nestable) that includes expanders inside it. An expander is understand as a dropdown/show more/read more website element. Every expander is also nestable so you can introduce everything you want when expanding.

New Click & Copy element

New Core element that lets you select any content by its className to be copied by users when clicking the element. It includes a custom tooltip.

New Scribble Title element

New Title element (and nestable) to draw beautiful highlight and customizable svgs on scroll. You can choose from 9 scribble types.

New Before/After Image element

Included the popular before/after image element to our Core collection. Although its a simple element, we wanted to bring it to Bricks as it is widely used.

New Since Brickscore 1.3.0 you can now receive updates from your admin panel

New Brickscore admin panel was completely renewed with a clean user-friendly dashboard

New Added new states to Cursor

Going from 8 to 11 states, added Skew, Border-Radius and Backdrop states. Note that the skew input at Image/Video and Text states dissappeared as now you can declare it at the Skew state to any element.

New Added new Ripple Button types

You can now choose Ripple Button to animate from top, bottom, left or right instead of having only the from top option.

New Switch Dark Mode by User´s preferences (OS and previous choice)

Dark Mode element was completely rewritten reducing its code in 50% plus the addition of an automatic switch based on user preference (previous mode choice and OS light or dark preference).
Dark mode is now very robust and powerful. It is lightweight and very easy to declare color changes between modes at the builder.

New Added new layers to Layer Button

Included the possibility to have up to 4 fully customizable layers instead of only 1.

New Added new Swap Title types

You can now choose Swap Title to be splitted by line, words and chars instead of having only the line option.

Improve: JQuery dependency was completely removed from Brickscore

JQuery removal was a must on our checklist in order to make Brickscore as lightweight and fast as possible.

Improve: Added the possibility of selecting a custom element at Smooth Scroll

Previously, Smooth Scroll was automatically applied to the body. Now it can be applied to any element by its className

Improve: Added border control for Crystal Button

Crystal was slightly rewriten in order to be able to use the border control on it.

Improve: Scrollbar colors and states can now be selected using Bricks native color control

Scrollbar was slightly rewriten in order to be able to use the color control on track & thumb default, hover and active colors instead of the previous text color input.

Added link control to Ripple Button (the only button who missed it)

Improve: In general, many element´s defaults (styles and parameters) were modified to have better defaults to start with

Fix: Dark Mode color transition-duration now plays backwards

Dark mode switch has a customizable transition-duration for all color changes. It was applying forwards (from default theme to custom theme) but not backwards (from custom theme to default theme).

Fix: There was a bug at Cursor´s scale state that didn´t work on links. Now it does

Fix: Swap Title padding control now applies outside the swap instead of the swap itself

August 20, 2023

Version 1.2.3

Improve: Unified all CSS element files in a global Brickscore minified CSS file

This improves page speed hugely by calling only one global min file at your sites instead of loading a CSS file per element (old)

Improve: Minified all JS elements files resulting in a 60% lossweight

As always, page speed and performance are a top priority. By minifying our elements javascript files we are improving these.

Improve Back to top element: Removed unicons dependency

Back to top element relied on unicons CSS library. We simply removed this dependency with an HTML custom svg

Improve: Added the possibility to customize inner arrow dimensions for Back To Top element

Improve: Added the possibility to customize arrow weight for Arrow Button element

August 15, 2023

Version 1.2.2

Improve: Added image data-attributes to Parallax, Image reveal and Zoom lens elements

Possibility to set width, height and alternative text data attributes to improve accesibility and better browser understanding

August 8, 2023

Version 1.2.1

Fix: Several adjustments to deal with possible installing warnings

August 4, 2023

Version 1.2.0

New:  Zoom lens element

Core element to display an image with a customizable zoom hover effect

New:  Random letters element

New trendy title entrance animation

New:  Glowing button element

Button with an infinite spark through its border generating a glowing effect

New:  Microbox button element

Button with a cool pulse effect on hover or infinite by default

Improve: Added the possibility to manage asset duplicities at admin panel

This feature was highly requested as you may combine Brickscore with many other plugins that load the same assets Brickscore already loads. You must be 100% sure an asset is already loading at your site and manage the duplicity, otherwise Brickscore elements won´t load

Improve: Added the possibility to enable/disable elements at admin panel

Disable those elements that you won´t use at your Bricks Builder sidebar panel

Improve: Brickscore code was rewritten and simplified improving performance

Our plugin size and elements performance for the highest page speed is a top priority. We work everyday to improve these

Improve: All elements were adjusted to fit their dimensions for a better visualization at the builder

Adjusted all elements wrappers widths from a 100% to auto for a better understanding and developing

Fix: Cleaned all console warnings

Some elements were generating console warnings. Although these weren´t relevant, we fixed all of them so that you can use all elements from now on without worrying about Brickscore at your console logs

Fix Swap title element: HTML tag now can be declared as a span

Fix: Several placeholders and defaults were better declared

July 18 2023

Version 1.1.1

Improve: removed dependencies to improve speed and performance

July 17 2023

Version 1.1.0

New:  Scroll reading element

New core element based on the trendy scroll reading. Original credits and inspiration from chroniclehq site

New:  Image reveal element

Reveal images with a slide effect from all sides on scroll

New:  Lottie element

Lotties with many customization possibilities (on scroll among them) through the lottie-player integration from lottie files

Improve Anyside button element: Added the possibility to control the color and path transition duration

Improve Parallax element: Added external URL support to images

Improve: Upgraded license management process

July 12 2023

Version 1.0.1

Fix: Added subfolder & bricks child theme compatibility

July 11 2023

Version 1.0.0

Brickscore launch 🎉

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