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Welcome to Brickscore documentation. Here you can find the definition of every feature and element at Brickscore.
Elements are divided among Core, Title and Button elements.


Once you have purchase Brickscore go to your account. There you can see your license and Brickscore plugin downloadable file.
To start using Brickscore firstly you must have Bricks Builder installed and activated. Then, you can upload and activate Brickscore plugin to your site.
In order to activate your license go to the Bricks option located at the Wordpress side panel and select Brickscore. Go to the license tab and there you can see an input where introduce your license.
Once the license is activated you can check at Bricks Builder that Brickscore elements and features were successfully added. If not, please contact support.

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Need assistance?
*Please feel free to reach us and we will kindly instruct you on the behaviour of any element. You can also reach our community group or take a look at our tutorials.
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