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Glitchy element lets us select elements to apply a glitch effect. We have the plan to make this effect as an entrance animation and for an interval duration.


Elements class

Select an element class name to target to apply the glitchy.

Play mode

The state to apply the glitchy. Hover or Click. Hover by default.

Animation duration

The duration of the glitch effect. 1000ms by default.

Repeat number

The number of glitch repetitions. 15 by default.

Glitch time start

The glitch animation delay after applying the hover or click states. 0.4 by default.

Glitch time end

The end time the glitch animation will attach to. 0.7 by default.

Shake velocity

The speed of the glitch shake. 10 by default.

X/Y Amplitude

X/Y axis shake amplitude. 0.4 by default.

Layers number

The number of layers to be generated in the animation. 4 by default.

Steps number

Layers group in steps. This determines the number of these groups. 10 by default.


The random heights the layers can stand to. 0.02 minHeight and 0.4 maxHeight by default.

Final pulse

If true, a pulse clone of the element is going to appear after the end of the glitch animation. True by default.

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