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Core element

Front Flipbox

Back Flipbox

Front Flipbox

Back Flipbox


Mask Hover is a nestable element with 2 additional nestable blocks: Content and Mask Content.
You can place the elements you want at them. Visible content must be placed inside "Content" element. Content Visible on hover must be placed at the "Mask content" element.


Width & Height

Determines the Flipbox dimensions. 300px by default at both of them.

Front & Back Style

You can customize both Front & Back styles directly from here. This includes padding, border, background and boxShadow.



Type will determine the flipbox direction. There are 4 types: horizontal, horizontal-reverse, vertical, vertical-reverse. Horizontal by default.


The event that will trigger the flipbox animation. Hover or click. Hover by default.


Determines the flip intensity. 800px by default.

Transition duration & easing

Determines the duration and CSS easing of the flip.

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