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OffCanvas Menu

OffCanvas Menu

Menu element


OffCanvas Menu is a nestable element so that you can place all the elements you want at the OffCanvas. OffCanvas Menu is the root element where offcanvas settings must be applied. It also contains a Core Burguer, OffCanvas Content (where you must place your menu content) and a Backdrop element.



Where the offcanvas will come from. There are 3 types available: from left, from right and from top


Determines the duration of the OffCanvas animation. 1s by default.


Determines the GSAP easing of the OffCanvas animation. power2 by default.

Backdrop Animation

Backdrop Duration

Determines the duration of the Backdrop animation. 1s by default.

Backdrop Easing

Determines the CSS easing of the Backdrop animation. linear by default.

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