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Dark Mode

Dark Mode

Core element


Dark mode element detects the user OS preference and toggles automatically the correspondent mode. It also stores the user´s toggle preference if they decide to visit your site again.



The type of toggle to show. There is a huge variety to choose from (9 toggle animations and working to expand them!). Classic by default.


The size of the toggle. 32px by default.

Animation duration

The duration of the change mode animation. 1000ms by default.

Transition duration

The transition duration of the color/backgrounds changes to their new colors when changing the mode. 2s by default.

Light & Dark colors

Sets the color of the toggles.

Default dark mode

If true, the dark mode toggle will appear as the default and the light mode the one to change to. False by default.

Color changes

Colors & Backgrounds & Border colors

You can choose a “From color/From background/From borderColor” and a “To color/To background/To borderColor” that determines the original color and the final color applied when changing the mode. It couldn´t be easier!

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