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Custom Scrollbar

Custom Scrollbar

Core element




Select an element by class name where the scrollbar element will adopt the native behaviour.

Scroller options


Select a “scroll” or “hidden” state for the vertical or horizontal scroll. OverflowY is set to scroll and OverflowX to hidden by default.


Wether to display or not the scrollbar visibility. Auto by default.


There are 4 options:
Never: always shows the scrollbar.
Scroll: shows the scrollbar only when a scroll hit is produced.
Leave: hides the scrollbar when the user leaves the site.
Move: shows the scrollbar only when a scroll hit is produced or a cursor move.

Autohide delay

If there is an autohide option enable, here you can set a delay value for it.

Track & Thumb designs

Scrollbar styling

Here you can design the track and thumb styles including the hover and active states. We are working to make the scrollbar styling using the Bricks builder palettes to be more intuitive.

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