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Bubbles is a nestable element with 2 additional nestable blocks: Content and Bubbles Wrapper. There´s also the possibility to enable a Bubble at the Cursor. All bubbles collide with each other, creating a stunning effect.
Content element must wrap all your content at the Block.
Bubbles Wrapper element contains the Bubble element. You can generate all the bubbles you want and customize them at pleasure.


Width & Height

Determines the Bubbles root element dimensions. 100px and 100vh by default.


Determines the Bubbles root element background. It also supports a gradient background design.

Bubbles blur

Determines the general blur applied to bubbles (including cursor). This is the only shared setting.
The rest of Bubble settings can be set at each Bubble.

Cursor Bubble

Enable Cursor Bubble

If true, a Bubble will be attached to user´s cursor, colliding as well with the rest of the bubbles on mousemove.


A value of 1 will attach the Bubble to the cursor without delay. The bigger this value is the bigger the delay.

Bubble Style

You can customize the following Cursor´s Bubble styles: dimensions (width and height), opacity, background and blending.

Bubble element settings

Top & Left

To set the distance regarding Bubbles root element.


You can customize the following Bubble styles: dimensions (width and height), background and blending.


Type will determine the path followed by the bubble at its position. There are 5 Bubble types: Vertical, Horizontal, Rotating--1, Rotating--2 and Rotating--3. 


Determines how fast the Bubble should move through the Bubbles root element. The bigger the slower. 40 by default.

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