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Scroll Cascading

Scroll Cascading

Text element




Determines the html tag of Scroll Cascading. You can select headings from h1 to h6 or paragraph. p by default.

Titles number

The number of titles to include at Scroll Cascading. 8 by default.


Color control will determine the color of the last title. Typography control is applied to all titles.
Hue, Saturation and Lightness will determine strokes hsl color.


This is the Scroll Gradient content. You can customize its typography, width and max-width.

Distance between titles

Similar to a line-height this control will determine the distance to set between titles. 0.25 by default.

Scroll units

The scrolling height in vh while Scroll Cascading is pinned. 162 by default.



To set any other element at the DOM as the one that will trigger the animation. this by default.


Determines when the animation starts. top top by default (when the top of the trigger hits the top of the viewport). You can check the start options at GSAP ScrollTrigger docs.


To set any other element at the DOM as the scrolling viewport. body by default.

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