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Sticky Header

Sticky Header

Menu element


Sticky Header is a nestable element so that you can place all the elements you want at this header. Sticky Header is the root element where sticky settings must be applied. It also contains a Core Burguer and Nav (where you must place your menu content).


Enable Offset

If true, it will apply an offset when scrolling that cause Header to go from sticky to be hidden.


Determines the offset distance to be scrolled in order to hide the Header. 100 by default.

Offset Animation


Determines the hidden animation duration. 1s by default.


Determines the hidden animation CSS easing. ease by default.


Enable Mobile Menu

If true, it will wrap Nav elements at Mobile devices and will be shown when triggering Core Burguer


Select a breakpoint to determine at which pixel to display Core Burguer and hide Nav. The breakpoints you can choose from are those breakpoints you have declared at the builder.

Animation Type

The Animation Type at Mobile devices. You can choose from: Opacity, From Left or From Right. Opacity by default.

Animation Duration

Determines the mobile animation duration. 0.3s by default.

Animation Delay

Determines the mobile animation delay. 0s by default.

Animation Easing

Determines the mobile animation easing. ease by default.

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