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The external URL of the lottie to display. You can choose from a huge variety at lottiefiles.
There is already a default lottie attached to the source parameter.


The lottie width. 350px by default.


Determines wether the lottie should autoplay when page loads. True by default.


Determines wether the lottie autoplay should play in a loop. True by default.


Lottie speed animation. 1 by default.


There are 2 state modes that determines the group to customize. Cursor or Scroll. Cursor by default.


Cursor Type

If Cursor was chosen at the Mode parameter. Cursor Type will determine the cursor state that will trigger the lottie. Hover or Click. Hover by default.

Force Flag

Determines if the lottie should restart on each hover or click. True by default.


Scroll Type

If Scroll was chosen at the Mode parameter. Scroll Type will determine the animation of the lottie when scrolling. Seek (animation attached frame by frame to the scroll) or Play. Seek by default.

Start & End Visibility

These parameters determine the starting and ending point of the lottie animation when they enter the viewport. 0 Start visibility and 1 End visibility by default.

Start & End Frame

The frames that determine the start and the end of the lottie animation. You can know them by opening the lottie URL at your browser and search for "ip" (first frame) and "op" (last frame).
They are 0 and 120 by default and are the start and the end frames of the lottie attached to the component by default.

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