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Parallax Hover

Parallax Hover

Core element
Neumorphic Button

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Parallax Hover is a nestable element with a Wrapper containing all the content to apply the parallax hover. At this Wrapper you can place all the content you want and apply beautiful parallax hover effects. As each Wrapper has its own customizable behaviour inside the Parallax Hover you can duplicate all the Wrappers you want with different behaviours.



Parallax Hover offset when activated (on hover), basically means translateZ value. 50 by default.

Always active

If true, Parallax Hover effect will be always active even the hover state isn´t active on the element. False by default.


Transition duration when activated, leave and during rotate (in ms). 300 by default.



Defines whether to rotate container on pointer move. True by default

Rotate Touch

Defines whether to rotate container on touch move. Rotate must be enabled. True by default.

Max X Rotation & Max Y Rotation

Max rotation along the X-axis / Y-axis (in deg). 15 by default on both of them.

Invert X Rotation & Invert X Rotation

Inverts rotation along the X-axis / Y-axis (in deg). False by default.


X Stretch / Y Strech / Z Stretch

Move (translate) Parallax Hover along the X-axis / Y-axis / Z-axis on this value (in percentage). E.g. `50` value will move container +-50% of its width. 0 by default.



If true, a shadow will be generated behind Parallax Hover. True by default.

Shadow Offset

Shadow offset, basically shadow element's translateZ value. 50 by default.

Shadow Scale

Shadow scale factor. 1 by default.


Enables highlight. True by default.

Wrapper Element

This settings can be found at Wrapper element generated inside Parallax Hover element.


Offset/translate applied only to the content of this wrapper when hover state is active at Parallax Hover. 5 by default.


"from opacity;to opacity". E.g. "0;1" means element's opacity will change from 0 (on initial state) and up to 1 (on max rotate angles). 1 by default

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