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Image Hotspots

Image Hotspots

Core element
Just a hotspotđź‘€


Image Hotspots is a nestable element that contains Hotspots elements. To generate a new Hotspot you can simply duplicate it or add a new one at Image Hotspots settings. Hotspot is also a nestable element, you can place the content you want at it and it will be available as a hotspot. In addition, the Hotspot contains a Tooltip. The content you place at the Tooltip will be shown when triggering the hotspot. The Hotspot and Tooltip settings must be applied at the Hotspot.



This is the image to display. You are able to select it from the media files or from an external URL.


You can add Hotspots to Image Hotspots directly from here.

Hotspot Settings

Left & Top

The position of the Hotspot inside the image is controled with Left and Top. 20% by default at both of them.


You are able to customize Typography, Padding, Background and Border of the Hotspot.


Duration: the pulse animation duration. 1s by default.
Intensity: the intensity of the pulse animation. 10px by default.
Color: color of the pulse.

Tooltip Settings


The event to apply at the Hotspot that will trigger the Tooltip to appear. Hover or click. Hover by default.


The position of the Tooltip regarding the Hotspot. Top, left, bottom or right. Bottom by default.

Reveal duration

Tooltip has a fade effect. This determines its duration. 0.4s by default.


You are able to customize Typography, Padding, Background and Border of the Tooltip.


You can disable or enable the arrow. Its part of the tooltip so it is affected by the fade animation.

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