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Take a look at the most repeated questions from the community. If your questions aren´t resolved please feel free to reach us.
What is Library?
Our collection of beatiful website components designed with Brickscore elements. These are responsive, accessible and SEO oriented. You can either copy components from Brickscore site and paste them at the builder or import them as Remote Templates.
Will you switch to monthly/yearly plans?
At the moment you can enjoy for a lifetime deal that won't expire when we do the switch. The introduction of new plans will be announced in advance.
Will you be adding more elements in the future?
For sure! We work daily to bring new features to Brickscore. You can expect new versions with new elements and features every month.
Does Brickscore work at any browser?
We develop every element testing its properties in every browser. If you find out an element isn´t working as expected please let us know.
Why did you increase pricing?
Brickscore doesn't have a fixed pricing. It increases with the release of new features and elements.
Can I try Brickscore before purchasing?
You can generate a temporally Brickscore sandbox site at playground
What is your refund policy?
We offer full returns during the first 7 days. No questions asked. Although we would appreciate your feedback.
Can you add [X] feature?
For sure! Let us know everything you'd like to see implemented at Bricks and we'll introduce it if feasible.
Do you provide tutorials?
You can check Brickscore channel at Youtube for tutorials and showcases. You can also check every element workflow at this site.
Can I use Brickscore for commercial projects?
You can use Brickscore to build a site for any commercial use. Brickscore is not linked or responsible for the use that is given to our elements or the characteristics of the websites in which they are used.
Can I get an invoice?
You can download invoices directly from your account. VAT numbers are included. If you are missing something please reach us to give you a custom invoice.
Is payment secure?
We delegate our payment process to Stripe and PayPal, top payment secure processors at the internet.
Can I be your affiliate?
You can submit your request at affiliates. Please explain how you will promote Brickscore as we don´t accept all requests.
Is Brickscore compatible with [X]?
If Bricks Builder is compatible with [X], Brickscore should be also. If you find compatibility issues let us know to handle patches.
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